• COVID-19: A Strategy Guide for Business & Industry

  • Zaheer Ali

    Join local executive, Zaheer Ali (AIXIA Global, USRA/NASA), for Strategies to Return to Work During COVID

    As COVID-19 continues to cause massive social and economic disruption globally, many businesses are paralyzed – you do not have to be one of them. There is a safe and prosperous way forward for your business to thrive and deliver on its promise to your customers.

    Join us for an interactive webinar. We will cover in general:

    • RISKS
    • SAFETY
    • LEGAL
    • PEOPLE
    • SALES
    • LEADERSHIP - how do you keep momentum in your organization?

    ‚ÄčEach webinar is offered over the next 2 weeks, each geared toward an industry:

    11 August @ 5:30 PM:    Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Logistics

    Main Goal is: Strategies for Moving Forward with Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Logistics Companies

    Expanded topics will include:

    • Safety, Compliance, Legal issues
    • Pivoting to producing for new customers 
    • Filling the gap left by broken foreign supply chains
    • Operational best practices
    • Keeping your workforce safe


    18 August @ 5:30 PM:      General Small Businesses

    Main goal is: How to keep General Small Businesses Vibrant Now and in the Future

    Expanded topics will include:

    • Finance and Legal Issues 
    • Keeping clientele
    • Taking advantage of COVID-19 created opportunities
    • Marketing for the public and to personnel


    Cost: is FREE - Share the word!

    These webinars are Sponsored by the Newark Chamber of Commerce – The Newark CoC knows this crucial information needs to reach as many businesses and organizations as possible and is therefore proud to sponsor this as a benefit to the community. Please share with anyone who wants or needs this to know how to move forward safely and with confidence during this time of COVID.

    Learn more and register to join us by clicking below for each session. Registrants will receive a webinar link after registration and a reminder 2-days prior to the webinar.

    Presenter: Zaheer Ali is a local business owner who also works as Safety and Mission Assurance Manager for USRA, a NASA Ames contractor. He has helped put together the return to work plans for NASA Ames and NASA Armstrong. Zaheer is also Chief Science Officer for AIXIA Global, a bespoke Industry 4.0 consultancy that helps businesses capture value using technology and become future ready.

    Over the past 20 years, Zaheer has managed technology, people, and risk for the DOE national labs, DHS, DOD, and NASA. He has also created two technology companies that are helping shape the future through security, science, and value capture. He is keen to help local organizations thrive during these challenging times.

  • Series Includes:

    Restaurants, Retail & In Person Services

    July 28. 2020 @ 3:00 PM PST - past event, inquire with the Chamber for material

    Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Logistics

    August 11th @ 5:30 PM PST - Previous Event, inquire with the Chamber for Materials

    General Small Businesses

    August 18th @ 5:30 PM PST