• History

  • Water Tower ImageThe Newark Chamber of Commerce is rich with a long and important history beginning in 1906. In The Centennial History of Newark 25th Anniversary Edition by Bruce MacGregor it is written that the original Chamber was focused on land sales and industrial growth. Later, the 1922 Newark Chamber of Commerce was the driving force behind a new highway bridge to connect Newark and Redwood City. In the 30's the Chamber became inactive but the individual members stayed involved in school district and community activities. After World War II the Newark Chamber of Commerce was revived with 2 goals – to establish a toll-free Dumbarton Highway Bridge and community planning through county administered zoning. “The Chamber, led by Gordon Cotton, began to play the role of an ad hoc city council in Newark, forming policies and resources to deal with the onset of a new fast rising growth profile.” In 1946 the Newark Chamber of Commerce was incorporated.

    Chambers of Commerce of Newark, Centerville, Irvington, Mission San Jose, Niles & Warm Springs joined to form the Washington Township Chamber of Commerce to propose incorporating into a single city. Problems developed when Centerville and Niles proposed that Newark be zoned industrial. The Newark Chamber of Commerce voted in 1953 that the city of Newark should incorporate on its own. “It was clear from the beginning that Newark's chief concerns were autonomy and self-determination.” Meetings were held in 1953 & 1954 to discuss incorporation. On September 22, 1955, incorporation papers were filed for 8 square miles to be known as Newark.