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  • Get to know our Newer Members! Welcome!

  • About the Chamber About the Chamber

  • Connecting for Success Connecting for Success

    "I love the Newark Chamber of Commerce. The staff there try to make sure I have up to date information for my small business during the Covid pandemic. In addition, they were able to host my website for a small fee. This is great because I did not need to pay for hosting fees and editing fees. The system is super easy to use."

  • Building Business Building Business

    The Chamber partners with the City and other business-focused organizations to proactively recruit, retain, and help you build your business through programs and opportunities based on your needs. You, our partners and the Chamber together are a winning combination. We can't do it alone, but together we are unstoppable. What help do you need? And where do you think you could get involved and make a difference for someone else? 

  • Representing Business Representing Business

    The Chamber speaks on behalf of our businesses to address issues, policies and regulations that impact their ability to thrive. Collectively our voices can effect positive change that we, on our own, cannot. Speak out!

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