• An Invitation from Past President Valerie Boyle

  • Newark & the Newark Chamber: Connect-Grow-Prosper-BELONG! Newark & the Newark Chamber: Connect-Grow-Prosper-BELONG!

    Seven years ago I was offered an opportunity to serve as the president and CEO of the Newark Chamber, and without a doubt, working with Newark's amazing business people, non-profits, city leaders and volunteer Chamber leaders, it was seven of the most rewarding years in a career that spanned over 40 years. Retiring in late 2020 was something highly anticipated....but also bittersweet, saying goodbye to so many friends and colleagues and the many memories we shared.

    And so, I am honored to be able, based on my first-hand personal experience, to be the one to offer you an overview and introduction to a wonderful place to do business: Newark, California. And, to invite you to join the Newark Chamber of Commerce. The collaborative energy you'll discover between the Newark Chamber of Commerce, the City of Newark, and the people who live and work here will be a resource of incomparable value to you.

    Looking to start a business in Newark? Start right off with a competitive advantage at the Chamber! Already in business in Newark? Up your game. Take a look at what the Chamber does to create a strong, vibrant economy in which all our businesses can thrive. And then, get involved and see the collective power of our membership and how you can make a difference for your own business and add to the synergistic prosperity of the whole. Now, this synergy is needed more than ever as we face the challenges of the pandemic. Together, we will support our efforts and outlast the challenge. Our Chamber membership includes a diverse spectrum of businesses, area organizations and associations, educational partners and government entities - ALL dedicated to the continued success of our fellow members, our economy and our community. On behalf of our members and board of directors, I invite you to join us. Do it now, I am certain it is an invitation you will be so glad you accepted. 

    Link here for a bit more history of the Chamber of Commerce, you will find it played a pivotal role in Newark's incorporation and continued growth over the years.


    Valerie Boyle, President/CEO 2013-2020 (Retired) - Newark Chamber of Commerce