• Message from the President & CEO

  • The City of Newark continues to thrive 63 years after it incorporated in September 22, 1955.  It encompasses approximately 13.88 sq. miles in land area and its population is now estimated at 45,336 (2016). Looking back, one can say that Newark is a tale of pride and foresight.  The civic leaders who paved the way for its cityhood understood the importance of maintaining the balance between industry, nature, and community life. Its rich history, strategic location, mild climate, and proximity to major cities, allowed industry and commercial development to flourish.  As the number of businesses grew significantly throughout the years, the city, led by dedicated elected leaders, city management and staff, ensured that excellent services and a high quality of life were of highest priority and would never take second place to growth.

    Newark, at first glance, might appear to be a relatively quiet suburban bedroom community. Yet, a closer look and its less visible secrets are quickly revealed as a strong and vital Silicon Valley commercial and technological hotspot of manufacturing, distribution, R & D, logistics, biotech, and retail. It is home to global enterprises known throughout the world. Like most of Silicon Valley, Newark is in an expansive commercial and residential development boom. It is an ideal place for commerce, due to its centralized location and ease of access to regional and global transportation and distribution requirements, plus exceptional access to an educated workforce. Employment opportunities abound at all levels.

    Newark is a successful blend of a community that meets the needs of today's diverse community, a place with amenities sought by home buyers and families, located centrally for employment opportunities throughout the Bay Area. It is a place to put down roots. Side by side, working in concert with the city leadership, the Newark Chamber of Commerce and the businesses who are the backbone of the chamber energetically promote and support a common goal to build a strong economic base to support the people who make Newark home. Community activism is high level, with many civic groups co-existing, collaborating, and actively spearheading programs to augment necessities in the community and supporting education, recreation, and other essentials.

    As a result, residents, visitors, and workers enjoy the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and facilities available in the area: from nature trails to aquatic parks, sports amenities to a wide variety of shopping and dining venues.  Newark as an inclusive community, offers a choice for everyone, whether a global business, a local business owner, a resident, a worker, or visitors. Our diversity makes us strong. Our commitment to a quality community and lifestyle makes us even stronger.

    The future is here, and it is bright. Newark is an ideal place for commerce and for the individual. Welcome to a community that cares!  We are glad you are here! 

    - Valerie Boyle, President/CEO - Newark Chamber of Commerce

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